Olcay is the founder of  FILL YOUR LIFE IN CREATIVE ARTS!

Olcay is a qualified community artist, graphic designer, and trainer from the University of Arts in London who graduated in 2013. She works as a social enterprise to build people’s knowledge, skills, and confidence to play an active role in personal and professional discovery. In addition, Olcay collaborates with mental health professionals and other partners to ensure meaningful and sustainable outcomes for service users, carers, friends, families, and the staff across East London. 


She is also working as a Peer Tutor at Recovery College in Tower Hamlet's part of ELFT. She supports 

the students in their learning experience for various courses through her lived work and personal experience.

In addition, Olcay works towards empowering our students via co-production and co-delivery courses. 


Olcay has a handful of experience working as a community artist, including creative-related workshops and professional development and online learning courses. In addition, she enjoys working on inspiring, innovative social projects that are the most challenging but also very uplifting. 

She exhibited her previous artworks in various group/solo exhibitions such as Trinity Buoy Wharf, Canada Water Art Cafe, UAL London College of Communication and Idea Stores in East London. She also provides a diverse range of digital print designs for her existing clients. 


As an experienced Tutor, Coach and Facilitator, she follows the listed teaching criteria below:

Professional Development: Having valuable experience working with different community settings. Providing a self-evaluation approach to support participants to enhance their learning and engagement in creative and innovative practice.  

Practice and Knowledge: Being passionate and enthusiastic about the subject matters in professional courses. Cultivating curiosity and enabling participants to have the confidence to challenge themselves. Commitment to reflective practice and sharing learning.

Influence and Leadership: A strong understanding of adult learning and to share and improve teaching practice. Demonstrating a commitment to initiating, supporting and leading the learning of participants.

Participant Engagement: Balancing teaching input with supporting, independent, self-regulated and student-centred approaches. Respecting and engaging inclusively with equality, diversity and the different ways of teaching diverse student groups and mental health service users.

Assessment and Management: Well prepared to manage interactive learning tasks. I am incorporating a range of appropriate teaching methods and facilitating high-quality feedback, including peer and self-assessment.