One of my biggest strengths is that I can relate to people with mental and physical health issues. As a result, I have a genuine interest in supporting adults facing similar problems to recover and live a fulling life.

Coaching areas at a glance: 

Life long- Learning Skills & Support
Guidance & Empowerment in Career Planning 
Self-improvement in Personal & Professional Development 
Changing Perspectives in Career Choices
Improving Creative Thinking skills to  Develop New Original Ideas and Concepts 
Positive Self-image and a Good Sense of Fulfilment

Self-management skills to Improve Health, Well-being & Fitness.


How It Works: 

What the individual wants to achieve and why? (Desire)

How are they going to achieve their goals? (Ability)

What are the three best reasons for them to do it? (Motivation) 

How important is it for them to do them? (Need)

What is the easiest first step they can take towards achieving their goals? (Commitment) 

Answering the most common questions. (Support) 

What is more:  

A total of 10 modules of one-hour workshops
Range of interactive webinars
Adult learning of training
Receive regular feedback and further support 
Access to your online  personal learning platform

If you want to make the most of your career choices and looking for an experienced professional, get in touch.